Creating positive lasting change is bigger than any one person. It involves many organizational stakeholders and expertise unique to the situation.

Who We Are

Internal teams often require a spark – an external perspective – to bring energy, insight, and expertise. By partnering with your internal team and bringing in additional expertise as needed, we lead projects that create change.

Crystal Kadakia

I began this consulting practice in 2011, starting with coaching individuals, then speaking to audiences, and finally taking on the work of change initiatives. I started because of a small, simple reason: the workplace was not making the most of human potential.

I grew up a so-called “digital native”, but I wasn’t so native that I didn’t experience the time before the ubiquitous smartphone and constant digital connection of today. I, like many of the Millennial generation, was surprised to join a workplace so clearly based on assumptions of an age that no longer exists. The Industrial Age is another social construction – and like all social constructions, can and will change. But rather than tear down what’s been built, I believe in building on the shoulders of the giants that came before me.

Throughout my work, I’ve noticed my particular differences in approach: the moving between the big picture and “the weeds”, the relentless possibility focus, the ability to honor and integrate competing priorities, and the ability to simplify complexity often through visual representation. 

If you’ve worked with a consultant, you know that their roots matter. It shapes our point of view. For me, whether it be growing up in an Indian family dropped in the heart of Texas, starting my career as an engineer in a massively male-dominated field, or making the choice to abandon the safe path to start a consulting business — I’ve lived and breathed the benefits of embracing what’s different. And that’s led to my particular, distinct approach to solving social challenges.

My unique approach to evaluating team dynamics and understanding the untapped opportunities businesses are missing have allowed me to speak internationally, publish multiple books, and teach in-depth courses. But what I’ll always love most is working directly with teams and people. I’ll always love collaborating on problems and helping people see and engage with them differently.

I’m consistently focusing on getting the most out of the digital age for myself personally. I’ve crafted a lifestyle that most wait to live until they retire – traveling the world, living in everything from an RV to a home in the woods, having the flexibility to manage my own schedule, working on making a difference with the strengths I’ve been blessed with – all on a young family budget.

All because I questioned what was possible that wasn’t possible before. And made the fastest path to get there. Now I want to help organizations do the same by unleashing people’s potential at scale.

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A new structure for a new age. Handcrafted teams uniquely fitting your culture and challenge, all who believe in the power of possibility, our values, and exhibit deep OD capability.

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Learning Cluster Design Group

Learning Cluster Design Group is leading the charge for an evolution of the training industry, through designing and developing learning experiences that result in learning assets available across the flow of work that target embedding behavior change.

August consulting

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Organizational Development Network

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What Underlying Values Guide Our Work

What's especially different about us is that we lean into the Power of Possibility.
We believe problems can work in your favor, and that change can be even better
than the status quo. Our values help us make sure every action we take with
your team results in change that unleashes potential.

Intentional Leadership

We think about the why and then design, taking action that purposefully rather than randomly advances an organization or team.

Unshakeable Resolve

We have the faith and courage to do our work. To give our clients what is necessary to move forward, even if it's unpopular with some individuals.

Free from Labels

We empower ourselves and others to unapologetically yet respectfully show up as ourselves, free from the labels others might presume dictate our behavior or thoughts.

Honor the Story

We seek to hear where a person or organization has been without judgment and with the open acknowledgment of the past's role in the future.

Integrative Thinking

We see the best "third way" in between seemingly opposing approaches. We approach others and the organization of leading from the wise middle, using the possibility of who they can be.