It Starts With a Leader

Noticing a Problem

Recruiting efforts being wasted by recent hire turnover.
Issues with culture and relationships getting in the way of producing THE work.
Inadequate systems for skill building slowing people down.
A general lack of confidence in surviving crisis or achieving the mission.

The internal organizational systems are simply not robust and the status quo system is a risk  to the present that can no longer be tolerated.
And we are just too busy to do the people management stuff.

Unlock the Impact Of Organized human potential

Not all people issues are the same – some require tactical, day-to-day. ongoing attention. These are great for your traditional HR outsourcing firm. Others, however, are deep infrastructural strategies that fuel your organization and have a big impact.

You need ongoing support, but more importantly, you need someone who can establish and renew the systems for that support to thrive. Let’s face it, you and your team are too busy on the front line to handle yet another round of strategic work.

These critical moments call for expertise and experience that reduce cognitive load and result in smart solutions.

Services Quick List

Org Systems Assessment
& Employee Engagement Analysis

Have a problem but don’t know what people systems are the culprit? Or ready to stand up people strategies for the first time?

Implementation without understanding is going in blind. Through a variety of data gathering, I quickly build a picture of your organization and provide you a detailed report that is actionable and prioritized. I pride myself on being able to pinpoint the smallest number of actions that will have the biggest impact on your organization. This is often a great starting point to work together.

Note: A great source of data for organizational work is engagement surveys. Did you know that most staff or volunteer engagement survey vendors just provide you the data with a boiler plate interpretation based on work from all their other clients? I interpret employee engagement data against YOUR mission and strategic plan to arrive at a thoughtful action plan. 

Indicative client Work

GDS Associates Inc.
Engagement Analysis & Culture Agenda

Talent Management Process
Creation or Improvement

You’re not alone if your management & culture practices have been organically formed over time and are different manager-to-manager, person-to-person.

Most of the dollars in the sustainability sector rightfully go to the frontline work to be done. And yet, without the right resources, capability and management, internal staff productivity and engagement suffer. Burnout is rampant in the sustainability sector, with people’s personal passion carrying them through the day. 

The solution isn’t as easy as copying and pasting from a Google search. I work with you and your team’s insider wisdom to custom-develop equitable people systems that maximize the ability to accomplish the mission and realistic limitations. These systems include designing the frameworks, process job aids, capability building in the new process, and collaboration with any technology vendors needed for implementation. We develop them well once, so you don’t have to revise them year after year.

Example Systems: Recruiting Strategy (staff or volunteer) * Career Development * Feedback & Perf Mgmt Processes * learning & development Strategy * Volunteer & Staff leadership development * 

Indicative Client Work

Talent Mobility Framework & Process
Breaking Down
Seasonal Recruiting Strategy
GDS Associates Inc.
Career Path Model
University of the Pacific
Cross-Generational Management Skill Building

The World Bank

Operations Learning Department Reinvention

Process Consultation
for Large Scale Transformations

Determine what exactly to transform in what ways to reach what outcomes. Then Transform.

Ways of working, culture, and talent processes can be centered in a past context that no longer serve the situation today. The longer we stick to outdated systems & practices, the longer it takes to achieve future goals.

For deeper culture changes, a team is often convened with a charge to “figure it out”. Yet this work has high stakes and high cognitive load. Expertise in specific culture changes — not just the internal wisdom — is crucial to successful outcomes. Without it, the cost to people’s engagement and feelings about your organization can be high. Every move you make during a large transformation is often scrutinized through the lens of anxiety and uncertainty.

My experience as a process consultant creates a meaningful & efficient process, makes sense of the data along the way, and facilitates extracting team member insight. Together, we gather organizational data related to the change we want to make, identify WHAT and HOW exactly to change, and ensure that our efforts are tied directly and strongly back to the WHY – the pain that drove the work.  Implementing the transformations is the last step in this work and is often handled internally, though I help with implementation planning. 

Example Culture Changes: Inclusion Efforts, Structural Changes (think roles & levels), Remote Ways of Working & Team Building, Inviting New Demographics, Psychological Safety & Accountability

Indicative Client Work

Sierra Club
Structural Change Assessment

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