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View snapshots of client journeys below, organized by our three core service offerings.

Org systems Assessment

Engagement Analysis & Culture Strategy

Utilities Sector - 150 Employees - Engineering Consulting Firm

The leadership team at GDS Associates has invested in changing culture from a more traditional workplace towards an engaged hybrid workforce. 

Since 2016, I’ve played a crucial role in identifying the most essential organizational initiatives that make up their culture agenda through analyzing and making sense of their employee engagement survey. 

By working on furthering the ten initiatives, turnover potential has been reduced by 5+ percentage points, the business thrived through the pandemic, and positive engagement results continue to grow.

People Process Improvement or Creation

Talent Review & Mobility Process

Nonprofit - 200 Employees

HR leadership team at the Atlanta Community Food Bank has started a deep transformation towards a skills-centered culture, rather than the default traditional culture. After creating a competency model and an overall framework for the strategy, they realized the need for a talent review approach to drive work planning that also addressed skill development, employee utilization, and equity.

I created an org-specific ethos and a process that aligned with their values and org structure. Upon further investigation, the direction I proposed was to focus on creating a framework for Talent Mobility, a consistent process to leverage for lateral talent moves aligned with strategic business priorities.

Together, we’ve eschewed traditional vertical mobility, competition-centered process and created a “people-to-possibilities” based process, where horizontal mobility is as important as vertical growth and is driven by the employee’s current career goals.

This is a work in progress, involving piloting the process, furthering the initial competency model, and creating tools to guide & standardize the leadership team’s strategic thinking for each step of the way.

Breaking Down

Seasonal Recruiting Strategy

Technical Services Sector - 5-20 Employees

Built and implemented the strategy to recruit 10 employees for a tough to fill position, with odd work hours and seasonal requirements. Identified the sourcing pools, created a compelling job posting, screening strategies to ensure quality of hire, and interviewing guidelines.

Career Path Model Creation

Utilities Sector - 150 Employees - Consulting Firm

For GDS Associates, a key initiative leading from the org assessment work was to define a clear path. Pathways for growth were unclear and irregular across the organization, causing uncertainty in long term career potential for employees. I helped refine the career path model by creating a clear level, skills & promotion philosophy that aligned with the business operations and strategy.

Cross-Generational People Management

University - 1000 employees

University of the Pacific

The wide difference in demographics between managers and staff, from Veterans to Gen Z, had sparked challenges in retention and motivating staff.

I conducted focus groups and developed a custom training module for managers on tailoring work & career planning discussions for their multi-generational direct reports.
Over 87% of managers shared that they will be able to apply what they’ve learned in their next conversation
. They also appreciated the modern learning approach over traditional training, because it facilitated generative dialogue & learning with other managers.

Additional focus areas were also identified through this process for managing across generations. I developed follow up modules in areas such as Proving Self (for lower tenure managers) and Giving Feedback to Younger Generations.

The World Bank
Operations Learning Strategy Reinvention

International NGO - 18000 employees

With a deep focus on in-person training and exhausting remote webinars, the learning department at the World Bank was burned out and not making the on the job changes they wanted to hit. Through my work on the Learning Cluster Design model, we were able to introduce the concept and method for building multi-asset learning initiatives that include formal, immediate, and social ways of learning.

Process Consultation for Large Scale Transformation

Much of the work in the previous sections supports large scale cultural change, whether it is transforming to a skills-centered, equitable culture, a hybrid way of working engaged culture, or an effective intergenerational environment. On occasion, the effort to change culture is intentional at one period of time such as the below example.

Structural Change Assessment

Nonprofit - 1000 staff & 3M member volunteers

Sierra Club

The Board at the Sierra Club invested significantly in reimagining the organizational structure to ensure the success of their 2030 vision. The goal was to maximize coordination, support effective staff management, and drive equity.

Working over a span of 18 months, through both the pandemic and the murder of George Floyd, I designed and facilitated the process for the staff-volunteer team to assess the full org structure, make sense of feedback resulting from a high involvement process, and brainstorm & recommend transformative changes. Subsequently, I designed and facilitated a six-month decision making process for the 15 person board to thoroughly understand the recommendations, gather their own feedback, and then articulate and decide on the resolutions.

Results: Together, we made sense of a high involvement initiative including 1,400+ survey responses and 120 team-to-team conversations across 18 months. We arrived at 14 recommendations addressing problems that had impacted the organization for at least 20 years. 100% of the recommendations were passed as resolutions by the board that will affect thousands of members for the next 5-10 years.

How We Do It

We challenge the notion that you have a problem to solve or that your organization needs to be fixed. Instead we change organizations with a nurtured expertise to strategically harness the best possibilities that exist inside of your context, past, present, and future.

Business Planning is common.
Organizational Alignment is rare.

Typical Business Model
Organization Model

While most leaders are versed in the typical business model shown on the left, we know that is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. To drive success, we need to align the business strategy and tactics with the people and what brings people together to achieve common goals.  Organization Development (OD) is a field of expertise that combines philosophies, research, and practices across the social sciences, neuroscience, business, and psychology to help improve the workplace. The Organizational model on the right shows the bigger puzzle that we bring to life.

Fundamental Values


Intentional Leadership

We think about the why and then design, taking action that purposefully rather than randomly advances an organization or team.


Unshakeable Resolve

We have the faith and courage to do our work. To give our clients what is necessary to move forward, even if it's unpopular with some individuals.


Free from Labels

We empower ourselves and others to unapologetically yet respectfully show up as ourselves, free from the labels others might presume dictate our behavior or thoughts.


Honor the Story

We seek to hear where a person or organization has been without judgment and with the open acknowledgment of the past's role in the future.


Integrative Thinking

We see the best "third way" in between seemingly opposing approaches. We approach others and the organization of leading from the wise middle, using the possibility of who they can be.