We partner with your team to make sense of culture and business misalignment, reimagine what could be, and navigate roadblocks to make changes happen.

We challenge the notion that you have a problem to solve or that your organization needs to be fixed. Instead we change organizations with a nurtured expertise to strategically harness the best possibilities that exist inside of your context, past, present, and future.

What We Do

While challenges range from employee engagement to inclusion to new technologies, our work most often manifests as the following services. Every client is different and we work as embedded partners, who get your culture enough to take it into account, but not so much that we can’t call out misalignments we see with the goals your team hold for the organization.

Leadership Strategic Decision Making

Tackling tough challenges start with stepping back and gaining perspective. During regular immersive planning sessions, leadership teams and boards often look to external experts to help them understand the nature of the challenge they are looking to work on. We provide those insights from an organization + strategy lens. Insights mean the most when actions are defined. We often go beyond providing insights and help facilitate decision making for the leadership team. Your leadership team will see the status quo differently and shape the agenda that will tackle your challenge.

Org Assessment & Strategy Formation

We gather and/or analyze existing data to assess the current state as it relates to a particular challenge. Surveys often tell you a lot about what is, but expertise is required to  determine what’s relevant. We seek to uncover and articulate the greatest possibilities and opportunities your organization can harness. We then present a recommended strategy for paths forward. Your initiative leaders will have the evidence to back up the push for change.

High Stakes Team Project Planning & Facilitation

For long term, high stakes initiatives, we guide team process and ongoing strategy. From designing the long range work to ongoing meetings, we help make strategies come to life. Project teams are often fraught with lack of capacity for overall direction setting and change management, due to lack of full time participation. In addition, lack of cultural and change competency sets projects up to fail. We enable the success of long range organizational initiatives by centering on these capabilities as our full focus. As embedded partners, we will help develop ideas that spread and inspire action which creates new possibilities for the organization at large.

How We Do It

Our capability and our fundamental values drive exceptional relationships and empower internal teams to co-create awesome work.

Business Planning is common.
Organizational Alignment is rare.

While most leaders are versed in the typical business model shown on the left, we know that is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. To drive success, we need to align the business strategy and tactics with the people and what brings people together to achieve common goals.  Organization Development (OD) is a field of expertise that combines philosophies, research, and practices across the social sciences, neuroscience, business, and psychology to help improve the workplace. The Organizational model on the right shows the bigger puzzle that we bring to life.

What Underlying Values Guide Our Work

What's especially different about us is that we lean into the Power of Possibility.
We believe problems can work in your favor, and that change can be even better
than the status quo. Our values help us make sure every action we take with
your team results in change that unleashes potential.

Intentional Leadership

We think about the why and then design, taking action that purposefully rather than randomly advances an organization or team.

Unshakeable Resolve

We have the faith and courage to do our work. To give our clients what is necessary to move forward, even if it's unpopular with some individuals.

Free from Labels

We empower ourselves and others to unapologetically yet respectfully show up as ourselves, free from the labels others might presume dictate our behavior or thoughts.

Honor the Story

We seek to hear where a person or organization has been without judgment and with the open acknowledgment of the past's role in the future.

Integrative Thinking

We see the best "third way" in between seemingly opposing approaches. We approach others and the organization of leading from the wise middle, using the possibility of who they can be.